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February 24, 2012


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what is the point of yaoi? Especially with the pedophilic pairings. Really, just voice your opinions here. Unlike mine, yours will be heard.

Edit: Just to be clear, by when I say yaoi I mean the act of boyxboy shipping, not homosexuality itself.
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pikuseru1221 Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
IKR?! I hav never gotten that at all... it doesn't give me nose bleeds or anything!
thefaiye Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
yaoi scares me, and don't ask me why. its just... the thought of it scares me....
BelleRedevance Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The point? to make girls everywhere have nosebleeds and bring more sexiness into the world lol
randomguy199 Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2012
YAOI YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ρяσυ∂ ρяυѕѕια cσѕρℓαуєя!
ɒƨʞ ϱɒиαɒlʇ ıʇ γoυ'яɘ иoт ƨυяɘ ωнɒт тo αo
Jinxed-Wolf Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Yaoi is the japanese boy x boy for gay abd really hyper/obsessed fans. Same sor Yuri ect.
TeiMoose Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2012
Because it's all too sexy. Too sexy.
leeann2 Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2012
Actually, to all those Anti-GerIta Fans, Hima-san himself, in the comic strips, had pretty much made it like this in the Vday story:
Germany tries to understand Italy, and gives him flowers and stuff.But he doesn't understand it's 'romantic' in Italy.
Italy is uneasy about it, and is all 'What?You know what that means right?You're scaring me~!'
And then it cuts it all off, with a Chibitalia-HRE scene.(So i also think he was influenicng the theory that HRE is Germany)
So, It's very influenced :)
And FrUk is there pretty much only in the Eng Dub,only a small moment, in Paint it White, when Narrator Lady says that they secretly love eachother...Sexually~.No...She really says that.
And plus, since we all should know that France is a pervert, it's influenced when he tries to umm....Rape England on several occacians....So it's really for the Perverted Fangirls who wanna see England naked...
And RoChu is all about Communisum really...To my knowledge though, it's about Russia trying to ughm..."Befriend" China.And plus, Russia likes dressing up as a Panda and likes tricking China that way.AND PLUS, China has a slightly Feminine approach in his looks and ways, INFACT, He was in a dress in the Halloween strip.NO NOT STRIP LIKE THAT FRANCE.Ughm, anyway, this is What i know....Im sorry I really like FrUk and RoChu and GerIta is my Yaoi OTP(Yes i have one for each section of love) and that's probably just because how Girly Italy is..HECK-HE PROBABLY CAN WEAR A BIKINI OR DRESS LIKE A PRO--:D
leeann2 Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2012
I just ship everyone with everyone. ^^; In real life too.....But thats probably just cause I'm 12 and VERY ALL ways possible. I love Yuri, Yaoi, Shota, Lolita.Sometimes I just like stuff because it catches my eye, but somehow I keep bringing my precious G/L couples into real life...^^; I can't have a comfortable conversation without being all "Love is Love no matter the Gender" and i fight with my Homophobic dad alot because of it.... ^^; I guess Fangirls/Fanboys love Yaoi because if a guy really loves another guy, they'll do anything for them, in real life too, and people think it's Cute and Hott and Sweet and everythin.I love Love ... To me, it's as simple as that...All though, for some odd reason, I wish I was a guy so I could be gay...I mean, Im bi allready, and Im pretty messed up just cuz im a Fujoshi and Otaku in other NON-Anime loving people's eyes...WHOM I DISLIKE. >:U Wow it felt really good posting my worhthless opinion here. :D And i think because of Hetalia and Anime Im becoming a Pansexual!D: Im so messed up!!:D
creekgal Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
no amount of bitchin or complaining is going to change shit, so ive sincerly don't give a shit about the subjuect. if u like something, who am i to say that its wrong and u shouldnt do it? i personally dont like yaoi or yuri, but baahing and bitching about it doesnt do shit at all.
nothing will change no matter how much someone presses the issue. religion is no longer really a fact on the internet because everyone has a different religion/doesnt see things the same way as how another religious person sees it.
if you dont like something, dont indulge/look at it, no one is forcing you to ogle whats in front of you or forcing your hand to stay on a page of the internet and everyone has pressed this matter in some way. it doesnt have to be about yaoi/yuri/pedophilia/beastiality/ect. so saying that others should stop doing it because its "unholy or distasteful" is being hypocrytic to what we've already said about things we like to enjoy.
ive had many people tell me that anime is distasteful because i enjoy slight gore (deadman wonderland, akumetsu, even naruto) but i tell them that im not making them look at it. i am not forcing their hands to turn the pages of material that i enjoy. and throwing religion at the matter wont help you at all because of how progressive the world is today.
if you personally dont like it so much, then direct your attention to other ways to deal with it other than bitching and moaning and just make your fandom, your fandom. there is a lovely group that attends to this kind of fandom for hetalia known as "asexual hetalia" contribute to it to help "counter balance" your fandom with others that feel the same way. hell, make your own group as well.
this is not a rant. i am not typing/speaking in a harsh tone to insinuate anger from myself or others. i am merely speaking what i truely believe, and is my honest opinion and i will not feed into a rage among either side of the debate, for the matter is, i do truly not care. flame onto this. burn me at the stake. i. do. not. care. i will not intertain any comment that i deem stupid in the matter, both on sides that i agree with, and on sides that i do not
HiakaNeko Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Thank you for replying to this and saying your opinion.

But if someone TRULY believes their religion and what their God says is wrong, then if they didn't speak up about something they'd be even worse than the people who are advocating such things...
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